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Carnations: The flowers of God

Scientific name: Dianthus The carnation is not like the flowers your Mom and Grandmother used to purchase. Sure the “Green Ball” has the same family traits; like it is long lasting, sturdy and reasonably priced. This Dianthus is funky, different … Continue reading

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The Gorgeous Sunflower

SUN FLOWERS (Helianthus annuus) Signifies pure thoughts and symbolizes adoration and dedication or dedicated love. Helianthus is native to the mid-west and western part of the USA. The name derives from the Greek words Helios, meaning sun and anthos, meaning … Continue reading

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Floral Grey Cup – Western Lily versus Eastern Lily

Saskatchewan Western Red Lily (Lillium philadelphicum) Saskatchewan selected the Western red lily as its floral emblem in 1941. This tall, bright red flower grows in meadows and light forests. Quebec Blue Flag (Iris versicolor Linné) The Madonna lily was Quebec’s … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Facts Authors’ Bios

I thought it might be a good idea to give a little biography on the authors for this blog. FunFlowerFacts – That’s me! You can read about me in the blogs About page. GDGuy – This is Mr. Doug Munro, … Continue reading

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Football Mums are not only for girls, fellows receive garters (Grey Cup = Football Mums Part Three)

As relating to Post 1 and Post 2 Here is part 3! The Football Mum is not only for the  girls, fellows can receive a matching garter, or it may be personalized to reflect his involvement in sports … Continue reading

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Chrysanthemums are for Royalty (Grey Cup = Football Mum Part two)

Relating to our first post High School Homecoming Queens surprisingly have a common thread with the Japanese royal or noble families. Both covet the MUM.  Japanese history records the chrysanthemum being imported from China, and by 800 A.D. the … Continue reading

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Tulips, Tulips, Tulips

November is not exactly the time of year that we traditionally think of tulips as most of us associate the flower with spring. Personally,  I love tulips any time of year, they are available in such a variety of vibrant … Continue reading

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Grey Cup = Football Mums Part one

Here in Edmonton we are getting ready to host the CFL Grey Cup this weekend. Yes the weather is going to cooperate, today it is -27C and by the weekend it is going to be a balmy -6C.  However it … Continue reading

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Christmas and Poinsettias: History, Trivia, Care and Handling

Just last week I looked at the calendar and surprised at just how quickly Christmas was approaching, so I took a bit of time and reviewed the information on our own website regarding Poinsettias. In doing so I thought that … Continue reading

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The gift of flowers – History

No one has an exact date for when people started giving floral bouquets as gifts however remnants of flowers have been found in graves that date back to prehistoric times. Flowers given as gifts have also been found in ancient … Continue reading

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