Flower ideas for Winter Solstice

Thecandles Winter Solstice marks the time of the year when the days start to become longer as the earth’s orbit around the sun shifts the northern hemisphere back toward the sun. In Europe the use of branches of pine, cedar, and juniper are commonly used to decorate homes, as it is readily available in the colder temperate regions.  The boughs also enhance homes with their distinctive scent. Traditionally red candles ares used to symbolize the fire and heat of the returning sun as the days begin to lengthen.

The tradition of burning  the yule log is celebrated on Winter Solstice. A special log is brought in and placed on the hearth where it glows for twelve nights of the holiday season. After that, it is kept in the house all year to protect the home and its inhabitants from illness.

Designing with evergreens and candles

  • choose mature evergreen boughs as they will not wilt

Materials for Christmas  Centerpiece

  • fresh pine, cedar, and juniper
  • roses and carnations
  • red taper candles
  • decorations
  • bow

Follow these simple steps to make your centerpiece:

  • use a green floral dish, with soaked floral foam as your base
  • cut the boughs in 8cm pieces and insert the boughs around the dish, creating a collar
  • insert candle picks  and candles into the floral foam
  • continue greening the floral dish (the greened dish may be made ahead – be sure to mist daily)
  • insert roses and carnations in to the greened arrangement
  • you may use pick ornaments, pine cones, or other winter motif items to add to the arrangement
  • Arrange ribbons or bows

Special tips for fine-tuning:

  • Use decorations that have wires attached. They can easily be stuck into the greens .
  • Be sure to keep the greens moist to prevent the centerpiece from drying out- as this may be a fire hazard.
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