Tired of the old Christmas Bird AKA Turkey – Try the Bird of Paradise

Christmas is over and if you are like me, the turkey dinner, turkey sandwiches and turkey soup have run their course. Time to bring in the new Bird – Bird of Paradise is always a nice addition to your home in a exotic floral arrangement.

The Bird of Paradise flowers are associated with liberty, magnificence and good perspective, sounds like we are working towards our New Years Resolution.

Some maintain that this flower is named after the actual Birds of Paradise which are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. However, since this flower is also known as the strelitzia, some say that the name is derived from a past Queen of England… Queen Charlotte Sophia. She had a home in Strelitzia, Germany hence it genus name Strelitzia. The last name regiane… is Latin for “Queen.

Designing Tips

The bird of paradise has great height, so this is the opportunity to wow people with a simple and exotic bloom arrangement. Try using a tall glass cylinder with several birds arranged at different heights. This gives the allusion of the birds in flight, inside the vase arrange tropical greens surrounding the lowest bird , and gradually  taper the greens off as the birds fly from the vase.

Before you start to arrange birds of paradise you will have to open them. I have listed suggestions on opening the birds ( it is not like carving the Christmas Turkey)

  • Bird of Paradise flowers are closed when they are purchased
  • the outer sheath has to be opened before the petals are revealed
  • run your thumbs long the sides of the sheath with a gentle pulling action
  • the pressure of the thumbs will split the sheath and reveal the petals
  • gently slip your fingers under petals and lift the bird like petals up and slightly forward
  • remove the under or bottom petals that are light colored and brittle
  • gently fluff the brightly colored petals in a fan shape

The bird of paradise arrangement will keep in your home for several weeks if you change the water ( be sure to used floral flower food – it will feed the bird , but more importantly it will keep the bacteria from clogging the stem)  and mist the petals so they to not dry out.

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