If a bunny can “deliver” chocolate eggs, who “delivers” Easter Flowers?


This Easter Bunny is doing double duty this Easter. He has to deliver all the chocolate bunnies and Easter Eggs, and to top that off he has been assigned to deliver flowers. Being the smart bunny – he delegated your favorite people to help deliver Easter wishes and bouquets of flowers.

What a treat it would be to have a smiling young man (note the missing front teeth) giving you a bouquet of tulips! At one time tulip bulbs were used as a form of currency; with this young man I would suggest Chocolate Easter Eggs or Bunnies.


My grandmother loved spring flowers and tulips were one of her favorites. I can remember the lovey crystal vase full of tulips on the dining room table at Easter brunch, followed by the Easter Egg and Easter Bunny  Hunt. The hope of the children looking for the eggs was that Grandma did not forget were she hid the eggs and she did not place them in the warm sun.

Care & Handling of Tulips:

  • Tulips have a relatively short vase life (4-5 days). To slow down the opening of the bloom, place stems in 2″ of cold water with the fresh flower food provided by your florist, without re-cutting stems. Consider pre-chilling water overnight or using ice chips in tap water to bring the water temperature down.
  • Tulips are phototropic and will quickly curve toward any available light source.
  • Tulips are heavy drinkers! Check your water level and replenish with fresh flower food solution daily.

Design Suggestions:

  • One or several stems of tulips can make a dramatic statement in a vase.
  • Choose a vase that measures about 2/3 the depth of the tulips stems so they will have plenty of water and you will have better control over the placement of the stems.
  • Use as feature flowers in designs.
  • These flowers look beautiful cracking or fully open in arrangements. Note that tulips continue to grow for the first 24 hours they are in water.
  • If necessary for the line of the arrangement, wire the tulips to control flowers from curving toward the light.

Enjoy your Easter with the Easter Bunny’s favorite delivery people. Be sure to give a generous tip – Chocolate is must!

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