Men take heed!

OK, so it took a researcher to discover this? Most women could have told you this and saved the research time!

Flowers help get a dateRecently the journal “Social Influence” published an article which states that there was some research done in France which shows that bringing a woman flowers increases the odds that she will find you attractive and accept a date! Come on guys, surely you knew this already?

OK to be fair, the author of the article, psychologist Nicolas Gueguen, said “These results confirm the popular conception that flowers are able to activate romance and act as a facilitator in dating”. So there you go; proof (if you needed it) that flowers facilitate romance!

Gueguen completed 2 experiments, the 2nd one being the most interesting one to me. It turns out that you don’t need to bring flowers to ask a lady out on a date, just make sure you’re surrounded by them when you ask!

Basically what Gueguen did was take one attractive male and one romantically unattached woman, they sat in a room and watched a short video. After the video played they were discussing it when the experimenter excused herself and left the room. Once alone the young man asked the woman out on a date. This was repeated 60 times (with 60 different women of course!).

Now some rooms had flowers in them and some rooms didn’t, here’s what they found:

Those that were in a room with flowers – 81% of women agreed to go out with him!
Those in a room without flowers – only 50% of women agreed to the date!

So there you have it, next time you want to ask a lady out on a date – make sure your standing next to flowers!

For the complete article connect to the following link:

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