Common Problems in Cut Roses & Solutions

Here are some common problems in Cut Roses that can drastically reduce vase life. Included are some things you can try to ward off the issue.

rose with bent neckBENT NECK:

  • The most common cause is a lack of water and flower-food solution reaching the bloom.
  • Many things, such as improper cutting practices or cuts in the bark on the stems, can inhibit the flow of water and nutrients, causing stem clogging due to air or bacteria in the vascular system.


  • De-thorn your roses carefully so you don’t damage the stem.
  • Re-cut the rose stems with a sharp blade, removing at least 1 inch; dip or place the stem ends into a hydration solution; place the stems into a properly mixed flower-food solution (preferably one formulated especially for roses; then place the roses into a fridge, at 0-2C, and allow them to hydrate for at least two hours before arranging them.
  • Always keep roses refrigerated—except for design time—at 0-2C, in clean containers, and add properly mixed flower food, as needed.
  • If you arrange roses into floral foam, be sure they and the floral foam are fully hydrated first.
  • Some roses can be re-hydrated. Completely submerge and hold roses under water. Re-cut stems, and keep submerged until necks become turgid again (one hour or as needed).


  • This is likely a high-temperature-related problem. Also some varieties just open faster than others.
  • The rose is too mature.


  • Ask for varieties that open slower.
  • Place roses into a refrigerator immediately to rehydrate.

These roses didn't openFLOWERS DON’T OPEN:

  • Flowers may have been harvested too tight.
  • This also could be a hydration problem. If stems aren’t properly hydrated and fed, flowers don’t develop properly.


  • Re-cut rose stems, and dip or place them into a hydration solution. Then place them into bright, but not direct sunlight, in a warm properly mixed flower-food solution. Use flower food formulated especially for roses, if possible.

Rose with botrytisCauses:

  • The most common cause is Botrytis (gray mold), a fungus that develops when water sits on the blooms.


  • Don’t let water sit on flower heads. Shake off water, don’t mist!


  • Rose softness is often due to petal count. The lower the petal count, the softer the rose head.
  • This also can be due to insufficient water uptake or old roses.


  • If you prefer firmer roses, ask your supplier for varieties with higher petal counts.
  • If dehydration is the problem, re-cut the stems, place them into a hydration solution, then place them into a warm properly mixed flower-food solution.


  • Flowers are too old, haven’t been stored or transported cold, or have been fed incorrectly.


  • Ensure the roses are in a clean vase & the water has a properly mixed flower-food solution, preferably one formulated especially for roses.


  • Petal drop can be caused by ethylene gas.
  • A lack of nutrients and/or water also can cause petals to drop.


  • Protect your roses from sources of ethylene gas including ripening fruit, decaying flowers and foliage, automobile exhaust and tobacco smoke.
  • Use flower food, and mix it properly.
  • Learn more about the effects of ethylene gas on flowers



  • Ethylene gas can cause abnormalities.
  • Grower problems can also be the culprits.


  • Protect your roses from sources of ethylene gas including ripening fruit, decaying flowers and foliage, automobile exhaust and tobacco smoke.

The bottom line is this: Start with quality flowers! Ask your florist questions, such as anticipated vase life. Inspect your roses daily. Keep them away from sources of Ethylene Gas. Do these things and your cut roses will stay beautiful and last up to 3 weeks in your home!

A Beautiful Rose Bouquet

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