Godetia, Nature’s Satin Flower

GodetiaGodetia, also known as Satin Flower or Silk Flower, is a funnel or trumpet shaped flower consisting of four petals that are arranged on the terminal spike. There are single and double forms in shades of pale pink, orange red and violet/pink. Flowers measure approximately 7cm across.

From the genus Clarkia that originated in Western North America, there are presently over 40 classified species in the genus.

Godetia is grown for its attractive flowers and not for the foliage, as it will die quickly as soon as the plant begins to flower. It’s completely natural for the leaves to turn yellow towards the end of the growing cycle.

These flowers make excellent fresh cut flowers. Over the years, the godetia has become more and more popular. They can be used in everyday floral arrangements as a filler or as a focal flower in delicate wedding pieces, such as bouquets and corsages.

The most popular color used in the floral industry is a beautiful, hot pink variety, but these flowers also come in white, light pink, lavender and peach. Some are even bi-coloured! When you receive your godetia, pinch off all the dead flowers as new ones open so all the buds will open.

Godetia grand flora  is a popular ornamental plant that is available during the summer months, and tends to attract bees. For the best visual impact, use in mass plantings and as a colourful border.

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