The Ever-Popular Baby’s Breath

Baby's BreathCommonly called Gypsophilia or Baby’s Breath, this species of Gypsophilia originated in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Many tiny flowers are produced on branched stems giving a delicate, lacy, snowflake appearance.

Baby’s Breath is available in either pink or white varieties, you can also get it tinted. Re-cutting stems will encourage full blooming. Keep it away from all external sources of ethylene, such as fruit, carbon monoxide and decaying plant material.

Gypsophilia is primarily used as a filler flower to accent greens and fill voids between flowers. Using Gypsophilia in bouquets and arrangements creates depth and dimension. Gypsophilia is very popular in Victorian style arrangements and wedding flowers.

It also dries well and is excellent for dried arrangements. Simply hang upside down for a few days. Dried Gypsophilia may need to be sprayed with a fixative.

Consider purchasing tinted Gypsophilia for special holiday accents (green for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.).

Perhaps the most popular variety is called Million Star. Some of the other varieties that can also be commonly found are New Love, Perfecta and Mirabella.

Gypsophilia Million Star
Gypsophilia – Million Star

Million Star: Million Star has revolutionized the Gypsophilia market with its distinct structure and delicate blooms. Its strong stemmed structure makes separating stems much easier. Blooms are miniature in size, but in greater numbers than Perfecta or New Love.

Gypsophilia Mirabella

Gypsophilia - Mirabella

Mirabella: Mirabella is a new Perfecta type variety. This new variety is being introduced as an alternative to New Love. Mirabella has strong stems and very bright, pure white blooms and is a more pest resistant variety, requiring less pesticides and is being marketed as a more “environmentally friendly” Gypsophilia.

Gypsophilia - New Love

Gypsophilia - New Love

New Love: This new variety of Perfecta boasts whiter blooms,  a “Million Star” stem structure, easier stem separation and up to 20% longer vase life.

Gypsophilia  Perfecta

Gypsophilia - Perfecta

Perfecta: This is the version you are probably the most familiar with as it is the long standing staple white filler of the floral industry.

Gypsophilia Tinted

Gypsophilia - Tinted

Tinted Gypsophilia: Available in Red, Blue, Hot Pink, Purple, Lavender, Yellow, Orange, Silver Glitter, Baby Blue, Lime Green and Pink.

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