Fun Flower Facts: Freesia

Freesia symbolizes innocence and thoughtfulness.

FreesiaThe strongly scented Freesia is a genus of about 20 species of South African flowering plants of the Iris Family “Iridaceae.”

This plant got its name in honor of Friederich Heinrich Theodor Freese, a German Physician and a student of South African plants.

Unlike most other flowers, where the white varieties smell most strongly, if you want highly scented Freesia look for pink and red varieties.

The bell-shaped freesia blossoms bloom for up to seven days and come in a wide range of colors including yellows, reds, pinks and whites.

Quality freesias have at least 7 florets per spike, and have long straight stems. They have 5-10 single or double flowers. Stems are usually 25-45 cm long with little or no foliage.

Freesia only flowers when temperatures are below 21C. It is through a special method of soil cooling and environmental controls that allow Freesias to be grown practically year-round by the flower farms.

Avoid using fluoridated water if possible, and do not mix freesias with freshly cut narcissi or daffodils, which emit a substance that can drastically shorten freesias’ vase life.

Some suggest that since the freesia has a strong vascular system, when the stem is cut, it emits so much ethylene that it actually kills the first blossom on each stem. Therefore, you should not cut freesia stems, but place them directly into the hydrating solution (water and flower food provided by your florist).

Freesias are strongly scented so they make a nice addition to any arrangement. They are particularly popular in wedding bouquets due to their smaller size & delicate appearance. Vase life ranges from 10 to 14 days, pinch out the topmost buds and remove the old flower heads to encourage new ones to open.

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