Celebrating Flowers in Style!

The 36th Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Every February the streets of Chiang Mai are overcome with flowers. The city, located in northern Thailand, is often referred to as the Rose of the North and is known worldwide for their fabulous orchids, among other flowers.

A float at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Photo credit @MuangThongHotel

Spectators from far and wide gathered last month to celebrate local festivities in style and pulled out all the stops. Monstrous floats and sculptures were erected using the local fauna and flora depicting animals, temples and mythological creatures. This year’s theme, “Under the Umbrella of His Majesty the King”,  paid homage to Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in honor of his his 84th birthday. A total of 222 varieties of flowers and flowering plants were shown during the three-day event; flowers used include orchids, chrysanthemums, roses and gladioli.

An unusal Floral Creature!

Photo credit @chasmac

Floral Creativity!

Photo credit @chasmac

A few highlights of the festival includes the parade of bright, extravagant floral floats showing both traditional and contemporary floral art and the much anticipated choosing of the Chiang Mai Flower Festival Queen. The beautiful candidates that were in competition for the title were seen riding the floats during the parade. There is also much merriment to be had with street vendors almost outnumbering the flowers.

Dragon Float

Photo credit @chasmac

If you are planning a trip to the Far East you may want to plan your dates around the 37th Chiang Mai Flower Festival being held from February 1– 3, 2013.  Seeing this festival is on my bucket list, but until then I will bring the festival to me with an arrangement of fresh cut pink dendrobiums, which are famous to the Chiang Mai area.

Pink Dendrobiums

Pink Dendrobiums

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