Baby Bunnies Born in a Flower Pot

Six adorable baby bunnies were discovered last week by Jeanne Smith of Detroit Lakes.

As the volunteer gardener, she was watering the planters when she noticed something strange in the planter. At first she thought it was a mouse or a rat, but upon closer inspection, she realized they were baby bunnies. Laying in the soil, beneath the shade of the flowers laid baby bunnies so young, they didn’t even have their eyes open.

The mother rabbit was nowhere to been seen. Rabbit experts figure that the mothers generally stay away from their babies during the day to protect them from predators. They will venture back late at night to feed and again in the very early morning hours.

For now the baby bunnies will call the planter a home. It’s safe and comfortable. And from time to time, they get baths from Jeanne and the other resident gardeners.

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