Some of the World’s Scariest/Spookiest Plants!

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner.  The best time of the year to celebrate all things creepy, scary and spooky!

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, here are some of the world’s scariest/spookiest plants that remind me of Halloween:

Bat flower, tacca chantrieri

The Bat Flower (Tacca Chantrieri)

The Bat Flower (tacca chantrieri)

Bats are creepy. Flowers that look like bats are even creepier, especially with those dark menacing “eyes” and those frightening filaments! There are even people that believe that it’s bad omen to look into the eyes of the bat flower, as it is believed that it can bring about death to you or someone close to you!

doll's eye, Actaea pachypoda

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Doll’s Eye (actaea pachypoda)

The idea of growing eyeballs is scary. Just look at all those eyeballs growing out of those bloody-red stalks staring right back at you! Fortunately, those aren’t really eyeballs. They are just white berries with black dots. But don’t try to eat them! The berries and the entire plant are poisonous and can cause death. The Doll’s Eye is native to Eastern North America.

Eyeball Plant (acmella oleracea)

eyeball plant, acmella oleracea

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Like I said, eyeballs are scary. Here’s yet another plant that looks like eyeballs. This time the eyes are yellow flowers with a red center. The eyeball plant is also known as the Toothache plant because when the flower or leaf is chewed, it has a numbing effect that is helpful for toothaches! Plus, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. The plant is native to Brazil.

Devil’s Paw (Proboscidea, plant)

A name like Devil’s Paw is scary enough. And the plant lives up to its name. As the plant matures, its seed pods turns brownish grey and eventually splits down the middle to look like hooks. Those creepy, claw-like seed pods can do some damage. They were designed to latch onto the feet of passing animals, and as the animals walk away, the seeds are crushed and dispersed. The fruit from this plant is edible and can be eaten much like okra. And interestingly, the Devil’s Paw is in the same family as elephants.

Venus Fly Trapvenus fly trap

This is a vicious looking plant. If I were an insect, I would be scared. This carnivorous plant catches and eats its prey like nobody’s business! When a spider or other insect comes in contact with the hairs on the leaves, the Venus Fly Trap quickly snaps its leaves shut, trapping its prey. And all this happens in less than a second! This exhibitionist of a plant has become one of the most popular houseplants.

Dead Horse Arum Lily (helicodiceros muscivorus)

Although this plant doesn’t necessarily look scary, but if you get close enough to the Dead Horse Arum Lily, you will know why people avoid it like the plague. Like the common name implies, this plant smells like rotting animal flesh! The foul smell is enough to scare people away. This plant can be found in the Mediterranean region near the shorelines.

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