A Romantic Proposal with A Dress Made with 9 999 Red Roses!

As cliche as it is, nothing says “I love you” quite like the red rose. If one single red rose can get our hearts aflutter, imagine what 9 999 roses can do!

On February 2012, Xiao Fan, a man from Guangzhou proposed to his girlfriend, Yin Mi, with one of the most incredibly romantic and extravagant gestures ever! He definitely set the bar high for all the other men out there! He created a gorgeous custom-made dress made of 9 999 red roses just for her!

At first, he was just going to propose with roses like most men, but figured that wasn’t good enough. He wanted something more meaningful and memorable. Knowing her love for fashion, he worked with dressmakers to create the most beautiful red dress made out of 9 999 fresh red roses!

A team of dressmakers worked together to create this one-of-a-kind dress with a spectacular 5-foot train, in which each of the 9 999 fresh roses was hand stitched. The bridal gown was tailored to fit on the day of the proposal. Xiao Fan proposed at an amusement park where they first met and of course, attracted quite the crowd with the jaw-dropping gown. Needless to say, the girlfriend happily said “Yes!” With a dress like that and a impressive diamond ring, how can anyone say no?

Yin wore a white shrug with the dress and carried a bouquet of yellow orchids, which symbolizes love, beauty and fertility.

The number of roses on the dress is impressive, as it is symbolic. The number 9 in Chinese culture represents “forever.” So essentially, Xiao Fan is saying that he will love her forever, and forever and forever and forever! How romantic!

It’s been a year since the proposal. We hope they are as happy as ever!

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5 Responses to A Romantic Proposal with A Dress Made with 9 999 Red Roses!

  1. A solitary crimson rose given could indicate that the giver is inquiring the receiver for his or her love, although a dozen purple roses of this shade generally retains the which means of “I adore you”, explaining their recognition in the course of Valentine’s working day. Alternatively, a bouquet of pink roses could also indicate adoration, which is why bouquets of the well-liked bouquets are frequently generously presented to performers like singers and thespians, or as presents to winners of awards and beauty pageant


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