Spring 2013 Wedding Flower Trends

Spring, the season that symbolizes new beginnings, hope and all that good stuff, is the perfect time of the year to have a wedding! The weather is generally quite enjoyable; it’s not too cold or too hot. Many fresh flowers are available this time of the year. Plus, the cost of flowers is usually less expensive than a summer wedding, where fresh flowers are in high demand.

Here are some spring wedding flower trends of 2013:

Soft, Romantic Colours

wedding flowers from GrowerDirect.comPastels for spring isn’t a new trend. Pastels have always been a popular choice for spring brides. This soft, romantic colour palette is romantic, timeless and elegant. It’s perfect for brides wanting a vintage-theme wedding, which has been especially popular in recent years. Hot spring colour trends include: blush pink, cream and mint green. Wedding flowers to consider include: roses, peonies, anemones, and ranunculuses.

1920s Glamour

Romance Blooms Flower Arrangement from GrowerDirect.comWith the popularity of the period drama, Downtown Abbey and the 2013 remake of the Great Gatsby movie, 1920s glamour will become the hottest trend this year. The 1920s were infamously glamorous and glitzy. Expect to see rich colour palettes, like deep reds, plum, emerald green (Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year) and sapphire blue. Accent flowers with gold, feathers, velvet and decadent accessories. Glamorous flower choices include: roses in rich, velvety hues; exotic orchids, blue hydrangeas and elegant calla lilies.


So Special Bouquet from GrowerDirect.com When we think of spring, we think of flowers. But many brides today are wanting unique, floral arrangements with a bit of flair. In other words, they want something unexpected. Adding succulents, herbs like lavender and rosemary, fruit and branches to create interesting textures and visual interest has become quite popular. Mixing flowers with a variety of textures is another option. Flowers with interesting textures include billy balls, spider mums, peonies, protea and air plants.

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7 Responses to Spring 2013 Wedding Flower Trends

  1. Edwin Maclen says:

    Fresh and unique flowers are in high demand for wedding flowers nowadays. Roses and Tulip are most favourites and demanded wedding flowers which most of brides wants and likes.


  2. Make Horist says:

    Flower is the best thing for express fillings and it’s colors importance you are very well express here.


  3. hinesdarrel says:

    Flowers always change their trends with time. If we talk about recent days then Love can only be expressed in a perfect manner with the help of flowers especially roses. For fresh roses you can visit http://www.rosesonly.co.uk


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