Weird & Wacky: Rose Proliferation

rose within a rose

Photo credit: Flickr user, Uber Gardener

Believe it or not, roses are not always beautiful and perfect. Sometimes, they can turn ugly! Rose proliferation is when a new bud along with its unfurling leaves will grow through the center of a rose that is already in full bloom.

The science behind rose proliferation is that the plant’s cells multiply so quickly, they don’t have a chance to stop dividing even when a flower is formed. They will continue to divide and produce new buds in the center of the flower.

While the exact cause is still unknown, this occurrence is often seen during cold weather in the spring and occurs on the first emergence of flowers. It is also known to affect all types of roses, particularly old or antique roses. Proliferation is unpredictable and spontaneous. It can happen one year and not the next. As well, not all the flowers of a plant will be affected by proliferation; only a few or as many as half of the flowers will have the mutation.

Proliferation isn’t harmful to the rose and will not cause the flowers to die, but the affected flowers should be removed, so that the plant’s energy and resources aren’t wasted on the mutated flowers. The subsequent flowers that grow back will be normal- back to the beautiful, perfect roses you know and love!

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