25 Unique Ways to Use Roses

rosewaterJune is the month of the rose, the world’s most popular and recognizable flower. As a cut flower, the beauty and fragrance is like no other! It is one of the many reasons roses are the perfect gift for any occasion, from anniversaries to thank yous.

That being said, roses can do so much more than sit there and look pretty! They are very versatile!  Roses have been cultivated for over 5000 years for decorative, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. For instance, ancient Romans used to cover their floors during elaborate parties with rose petals to create a carpet that was thought to be an aphrodisiac and to discourage drunken foolishness! Today, people may not go to that extreme, but roses are just as popular.

Here is a list of some ways roses can be used:

  1. Fragrant roses are one of the most popular ingredients in perfumes.
  2. They are also used in aromatherapy.
  3. Rose essential oil, one of the world’s most expensive essential oil, can be used as an aphrodisiac, to cure depression and insomnia and to relieve skin irritations (especially for dry or sensitive types).
  4. The oil can be added to handmade candles.
  5. Use the petals to make rose water, a natural fragrance and skin tonic.
  6. Roses contain many beneficial vitamins and minerals, which make them perfect for facial masks.
  7. Roses are thought to be an aphrodisiac. Scatter petals on a bed for a night of love and romance.
  8. Make a floating centerpiece. Float petals in a shallow bowl of water with or without candles.
  9. Add to a bath for a relaxing and luxurious experience.
  10. Use the petals as confetti.
  11. Create a wedding aisle flower carpet.
  12. The petals are edible and can be used to make soups, salads, main dishes, ice creams and syrups.
  13. Make into a herbal tea, which can help relieve headaches and dizziness.
  14. Or they can just be used as an edible garnish.
  15. Make rose petal ice cubes. Freeze petals into ice trays for a fun way to keep drinks cold.
  16. Rose hips can be used to flavour jellies and other desserts.
  17. Add dried roses to potpourri.
  18. Fill sachets with crushed, dried rose petals and place inside drawers, closets, or shelves.
  19. Roses can be dried and preserved for dried floral arrangements.
  20. Flowers can be pressed to create greeting cards, bookmarks, art, and more!
  21. Roses can be added to handmade paper.
  22. The petals can also be used to make jewellery, specifically rosary beads.
  23. Rosa chinensis is used in Chinese traditional herbal medicine to relieve stomach ailments.
  24. Wear them as a fashion accessory in your hair. Floral headpieces have become a popular trend in recent years.
  25. Use the petals to create art, like this framed artwork.

So as you can see, there are many ways to use roses in your home!

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