Lilies in Bloom!

Lilies (lilium) are some of the most beautiful and showiest summer blooming flowers! They have been cultivated for thousands of years and are beloved for their vibrant colours, intoxicating fragrance and stunning beauty! Adding to the appeal are the countless varieties available, varying in forms, sizes and colours! Though lilies can look high maintenance, they are actually reliable perennials that require very little care, once they are established. These sun-loving bulbs are planted in the early spring for summer flowering.

Along with beautifying your garden, lilies can also  be enjoyed as cut flowers! They are considered one of the top cut flowers in the world due to their long vase life, beauty and fragrance. These beauties are often used in floral arrangements, especially wedding bouquets, to add beauty and elegance. Don’t forget to remove the anthers to prevent the pollen from staining your clothes or home. Keep flowers cool  and away from direct sunlight to help them last longer.

Take a look at some of these lilies images and you’ll see why in Chinese, the word “lily” means “forever in love!”

pair of lilies in bloom

Photo Credit: Flickr user, holdit

macro shot of orange lily

Photo Credit: Flickr user, pecooper98362

white lily with gold band

Photo Credit: Flickr user, Dakiny

Lily with spots

Photo Credit: Flickr user, Gwendolyn Stansbury

orange double bloom lily

Photo Credit: Flickr user, mmwm

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8 Responses to Lilies in Bloom!

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  5. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this amazing images.


  6. Mona says:

    Gorgeous Lilies…………


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