Happy National Women’s Friendship Day!

Today is National Women’s Friendship Day! It is a holiday created by the Kappa Delta Sorority in 1999 and is celebrated on the third Sunday in September. It’s a day to celebrate and acknowledge the special bonds of female friendship, which can be sometimes be taken for granted.

While male friends/boyfriends/husbands are nice to have around, there’s nothing quite like having female friends. You can do girlie things together. You can share clothes and gossip! And a lot of times, it’s easier to open up to your girlfriends than anyone else, And best of all, they will understand you the best! They will be there for you during the ups and downs. So cherish those friendships with your girls.

Here are some ideas on how to spend the day together:

  1. Watch a movie! Here are some movies with flower titles you might enjoy!
  2. Do a fun craft together. Make a flower crown, dried flower wreath, or duct tape flowers.
  3. Or bake something. How about some delicious lavender truffles or chocolate cupcakes with hibiscus frosting?
  4. Have a spa day! Learn how to make your own rose water or a rose facial mask!
  5. Catch up over cups of relaxing floral tea.
  6. Visit a local park or botanical garden, such as the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, or Montreal Botanic Garden.

You can also surprise your girlfriends with some flowers or a gift basket. Here are some gift ideas:

The Just Because Bouquet

Just Because Bouquet with lilies from Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers

The Simply Lovely Rose Bouquet

Simply Lovely Rose Bouquet from Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers

Graceful Rose Bouquet

Graceful Rose Bouquet from Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers

Girls Rule Bouquet

Girls Rule Bouquet from Grower Direct Fresh Cut FlowersHeartfelt Gratitude Gift Basket

gift basket from Grower Direct Fresh Cut FlowersSushi Lovers Maki Maki Gift Basket

Sushi Lovers Maki Maki Gift Basket from Grower Direct Fresh Cut FlowersHave a wonderful day!

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