Plant Profile: Saucer Plant (Aeonium tabuliforme)


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Here at we love unusual plants, the weirder the better! This pretty little succulent fits the bill.

Aeonium tabuliforme, otherwise known as Saucer Plant or Dinner Plate Plant is the flattest plant we know of. Found in Tenerife, they grow on cliffs and other vertical rocky places where there is no chance of water standing around their roots or in their crowns. They are fairly cold tolerant and can handle temperatures just below freezing but keep in mind they are considered a tender succulent.

When growing them in your garden keep on the watch for slugs & snails as they love the Saucer Plant. Also ensure they are very well drained and planted in gritty, sandy substrate. Your best bet is too grow them in terracotta pots, this way you can bring them inside for the winter months. They are quite happy sitting on the windowsill.

Although the plant itself is very flat and low growing the flowers will grow 40-60cm’s tall. The delicate yellow flowers are very pretty but keep in mind it will usually take 3 to 4 years for the Aeonium tabuliforme to come into bloom.


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