Plant Profile: Aranthera Anne Black Orchid

The Aranthera Anne Black Orchid, more commonly known as Anne Black Orchid, was created for and named after the wife of the British governor of Singapore.

The orchid was registered by the Singapore Botanical Gardens in 1957, and was produced by combining a Arachnis Maggie Oei orchid with an Renanthera Coccinea orchid. The result was a stunning 2 to 3 foot tall strong branch like structure, with vivid red medium sized blooms. At first glance, it appears to be the very popular James Story orchid; however the Anne Black Orchid has larger blooms.


Today, the Anne Black Orchid is grown by suppliers in Thailand, and shipped to retail florists globally.




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2 Responses to Plant Profile: Aranthera Anne Black Orchid

  1. Brenda Greenidge says:

    Nice Orchid, I have this over ten feet tell with three blooms on the parent plant and three on an offshoot still attached to the main plant I have gotten ive young plants from it also


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