Plant Profile: Paphiopedilum Callosum

The Paphiopedilum Callosum orchid, or Paph for short, is a genus of the Lady Slipper subfamily Cyprpedioideae of the flower plant family Orchidaceae.  It is commonly called the Venus Slipper orchid, and is highly popularized by its visually striking, waxy blooms.

A young Paphiopedilum Callosum bloom

A young Paphiopedilum Callosum bloom


The Pahiopedilum Callosum originates from areas in Vietnam and Malaysia. It is one of the most highly cultivated and sought after orchids in the world! It is available as potted plant and fresh cut flower, with unravelled roots known to stretch over 1 m long!

This orchid makes up for its lack of scent with its intricate, absorbent colour and bloom detail; it definitely demands your full visual attention.


Scientific Classification:

Kingdom:             Plantae

(unranked):        Angiosperms

(unranked):        Monocots

Order:                   Asparagales

Family:                  Orchidaceae

Subfamily:           Cypripedioideae

Genus:                 Paphiopedilum

Species:               P. Callosum


Hardiness Zone: 10- 11

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