5 Deceptively Dangerous House Plants

  • Peace LilyHouseplant - Spathiphyllum floribundum (Peace Lily)

    This beautiful and popular plant boasts simple yet pretty
    white flowers that look like, but are not acutally calla lilies. The internal workings of the Peace Lily contain a chemical called calcium oxalate, which is a well known skin irritant. It can also cause nausea and burning of the mouth is swallowed.

  • Philodendron

    This Ivy like plant is also a culprit of the aforementionedPotted Philodendron Houseplant on White
    calcium oxilate, only to a more dangerous degree. Ingesting a leaf of this plant can cause severe abdominal pain, and large amounts of skin contact can cause rashes and potentially serious allergic reactions.

  • Ficus Tree

    Hailing from the same plant family as the rubber tree,Ficus-benjamina
    the latex provided by this plant can and does cause severe
    allergic reactions, the likes of which have been known to
    cause people to fall into anaphylactic shocks! Best recommended that you get rid of the plant if you have any problems at all.

  • Milkbush

    Also known as the Pencil Cactus(although it actually is NOTEuphorbia_tirucalli a cactus), this plant’s sap is corrosive enough to cause severe rashes and irritate the eyes. While it won’t threaten your life, this one will cause problems consistently as it requires pretty consistent pruning to be kept to a reasonable size.

  • Dieffenbachia

    Some Older Amazonian tribes were known to use this
    common houseplant: dieffenbachiaplant to create poisons for combat! Ingestion of this bad boy will cause severe irritation of your mouth and throat, swelling on your face, as well as an EXTREMELY upset stomach! Just having a little bit of the sap on your skin will be extremely irritation to your skin!


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