Saturday April 25th is Sense of Smell Day!

Happy Sense of Smell Day! Today, everyone is globally celebrating our ability to smell, and all the wonderful affects of scent. Flowers offer some of the most desirable and enjoyable scents on the planet.

Father's Day

A day to build awareness of the role that our noses play in daily life, Sense Of Smell Day is celebrated throughout educational institutes across North America, promoting learning about how smell interacts with other senses, and how the sense of smell works.


It is common knowledge that flowers elicit emotions such as joy, happiness and pleasure, and there is scientific research to back it! A study conducted in 2014 by Dr. T. N. Berezina at the Moscow State University drew a direct relationship between certain scents and the emotional reaction to those scents. Their conclusion was that it is possible to change the emotional state of a person using odors!


inspecting flowers

“The flowery odor authentically causes the emotions of joy and pleasure and suppresses emotions of fear and disgust. The strongest reaction is the emotion of pleasure.”



Here are a few potent fragrant blooms to elevate your senses.





Lovely Lily Flowers from

Stargazer Lilies











Go tickle your nose with the beautiful aroma of flowers!

To read more about the study, click here



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