Mother’s Day Tips on Ordering Flowers!

Mother’s Day is one of THE busiest periods throughout the entire year for florists! They always understand just how important it is to all of their customers, and of course, Moms. After all, when you send flowers to mom, your sending more than just pretty posies! What you are really sending is a show of your love and affection for the one who gave you life. So it’s important that everything go just right with your flower delivery.


Here are a few facts about Mother’s Day and the flower industry

  • In typical retail flower shop the volume of business in the four days leading up to Mother’s Day is roughly equal to an entire normal month, with each day getting busier the closer you get to Sunday .i.e. Wednesday is busy, Thursday is  crazy, Friday is “crazy-busy”, and Saturday is NUTS…… There are lots of Moms out there.
  • The substantially increased demand for flowers at all levels of the flower trade places an incredible strain on transportation (airlines, refrigerated trucking, and particularly local delivery).
  • Flowers sold in retails shops go through a labour intensive process before they are ready for the consumer.This includes quality control and inspection, post harvest care, packaging of bouquets and the skillful designing of floral arrangements. (all of this ensures that Moms flowers will be beautiful and long lasting).


So, what does all of this mean if you are sending flowers to mom this Mother’s Day?
Simply put, the system has a tendency to melt down as you get closer to “Moms Big Day’! In a nutshell, everything gets overwhelmed, too many orders, too many deliveries, not enough skilled labour available on a temporary basis, not enough phone s in the shop, etc. So here are a few tricks to making sure your mom is as happy as can be!

1) Order Early! The fact is that those that wait until a day or two before the event to order may find that they can not have it delivered prior to Mother’s Day.  No one wants to be let anyone down but sometimes the shops are simply overwhelmed. Why not get ahead of the game and order the weekend before, or possibly the Monday or Tuesday before the real rush starts? Trust me, both you and Mom will be glad you did!

2) Order Online! Phones in a flower shop at Mother’s day like everything else are very busy and your best bet is to place your order online. This way you avoid numerous attempts at getting a constant busy signal, and in most cases the process is far quicker.


3) Be Flexible. The more specific you are about what you order the more difficult it will be to fill. Florists do their very best to ensure that they have a good selection of product for the event, but they simply can not stock everything. Like fish, flowers are a perishable product, best when served fresh.

4) Don’t Request or Specify a Specific Delivery Time. Most flower shops either have a limited number of their own delivery drivers or use an outside service. Either way the vehicles will follow a route based on the locations of all of the orders they are taking at one time and believe me, the vehicles will be very full. So deviating from the route or taking a single delivery out in order to meet a specific delivery time request is simply not possible.

5) Be Understanding. Everyone in the entire flower industry knows and appreciates just how important a day Mothers Day is for those sending and receiving flowers, and as such do the very best to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. However, at times even the best laid plans go astray. So if, by chance, something goes wrong with your delivery contact your florist, explain the situation and let them find a way to resolve it. Remember, none of us want to disappoint your Mom either.



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2 Responses to Mother’s Day Tips on Ordering Flowers!

  1. simran says:

    Amazing flower mother’s day flower tips explain by you. i just love it and i m going to buy this for another occasion also.


  2. phungnguyen1003 says:

    Please send the best bouquet of flowers to your mother nho.Hoa will be the most loving love for mother. Your writing is great, I love it. Thank so much


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