Celebrate Friendship Day This August!

Sunday August 2nd, 2015, marks the official 90th Annual Friendship Day! This widely celebrated day is dedicated to honouring and encouraging the incredible friends in your life.


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The very first official Friendship Day was held in North America in 1935. The day was created by Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark, who was inspired by the loyalty and generosity of genuine friendships. This led to the birth of a day all about showing love and appreciation. It did not take long for the sentiment to grow; the World Friendship Crusade held the first World Friendship Day on 30 July in 1958.


Flowers continue to be one of the most popular gifts given on Friendship Day, with roses coming in at the number one gift given. Other gifts include cards and the ever popular handmade friendship bracelet. Sharing pictures and memories over social media has also become a simple and popular way to acknowledge the friends in your life. Friendship Day continues to be celebrated on a global scale, with special interest shown in North America, South America, Bangladesh, Malaysia and India.


Make sure to stop in at your local flower shop to pick up flowers for the incredible friends in your life! Roses may be the popular flower of choice, but anything goes! Have a custom bouquet created in the favourite colour scheme or with the favourite flower of the recipient. Go bright and bold with a large bouquet of sunny all yellow Gerbera Daises, or mix things up with an assortment of seasonal blooms. Another great gift idea is to bring in your own keepsake vase and work with the floral designer to create an arrangement with your friend in mind. Build a tradition in which you bring the keepsake vase in every year on Friendship Day and have a custom arrangement created for your friend!

1244_jpg_e9b5a6db Have a Happy Friendship Day!


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