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Beautiful Flower Time Lapse Videos!

Got the winter blues? Flowers can cheer you up! There may not be any fresh flowers in the garden right now, if you live in cold, snowy climate, like here in Canada. But that’s ok. Spring will be here soon … Continue reading

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Flowers Available in Winter

Even though many of us have already experienced snowfalls in the last couple of months, today is the official first day of winter! But should we really celebrate the season? If you live in Canada, winter has a reputation for … Continue reading

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Fall Flowers for your Garden!

Fall is here, but that doesn’t mean that the growing season is over. In fact, there are flowers that thrive during the fall season. These are some of the flowers that will continue to bloom in your garden until the … Continue reading

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Flowers You Can Eat!

Flowers aren’t just pretty to look at; some of them are edible! There are so many varieties to choose from. Here are a few flowers that to get your taste buds started: Begonia The whole plant is edible, including the … Continue reading

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Have you seen the new Double Lily?

I was very excited when I heard about a new type of oriental lily. Some refer to it as the “rose lily.” Others call it a “double lily.” This new, rare and unique lily has all the hardiness and vigor … Continue reading

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Agapanthus Is known as the Flower of Love, the name comes from the Greek word agape, meaning love and anthos, meaning flower. Agapanthus is also recognized as the National Flower of Antigua. The Agapanthus is known under several different names, … Continue reading

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African Native – Nerine Lily

Nerine Lily is botanically known as Nerine bowdenii and goes by the common names of “Spider Lily” or “Guernsey Lily”.  Its cousins are herbs in the Amaryllidaceae family. Originally native to the mountains of Southern Africa, the genus Nerine consists … Continue reading

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Eucomis, pronounced “YOO-com-iss,” is commonly known as pineapple lily because its flower spikes are topped with a cluster of leaves that resembles a pineapple. The small individual florets that compose the flower spikes are six petaled and star shaped. This … Continue reading

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Amazon Lilies – The Delightfully Fragrant Wedding Flower

Eucharis grandiflora (pronounced YOU-kar-is gran-di-FLO-ra), commonly known as Amazon lily, Eucharist lily or Madonna lily, forms on a low bulbous plant with broad, glossy green basal leaves & is similar in appearance to the daffodil. The glistening, highly fragrant white … Continue reading

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Pronounced “frit-ah-LAIR-ee-uh,” this bulbous herb is a member of the Liliaceae family. With about 100 species, Fritillarias are among the oldest cultivated plant materials. They have delicate, boxy, pendant blooms and stems that range in height from 20-90cm. Fritillarias are … Continue reading

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