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Happy Friendship Day!

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Queen of all the Flower Crowns!

Flower crowns are all the rage these days. Fresh flowers in your hair just simply put a pep in your step. Brides, festival goers, graduates, birthday celebrators- there are many reasons to sport little lovelies around your tête.     … Continue reading

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How to Divide Peonies in the Fall

Peonies are hardy, long lasting perennials that produce beautiful, aromatic flowers in the spring and summer. They can be left undisturbed for years, but over time they can stop flowering and get overcrowded. Subsequently, they need to be divided to … Continue reading

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Tips for Growing Peonies

This is one of the most exciting times of the year! Many beautiful flowers are blooming, particularly peonies. The peak season for peonies is April, May and June – just in time for wedding season! Peonies are large, luscious and … Continue reading

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Celebrate Chinese New Year With These Flowers

Today is one of the happiest days for Chinese people! It’s Chinese New Year, one of the largest, most important holidays of the year! To celebrate this special occasion, homes are often decorated with assorted plants and flowers. In Chinese, … Continue reading

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The Ever Popular Peony

Peonies symbolizes nobility, value and peace; however, they can also signify shame. The name originates from Greek mythology- Paeon was a bright student learning under the god Asclepius. Zeus turned Paeon into a flower to save him from the jealous … Continue reading

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New Flower Growers – in Alaska?

When I think of flower growers I think of warm, sunny & tropical climates. Places like Columbia, Ecuador & California to name a few. But it’s time for them to move over and make room for a new flower industry … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Facts: Peony

Mythology: Mischievous nymphs were said to hide in the petals of the Peony, thus causing this magnificent flower to be given the meaning of Shame or Bashfulness in the Language of Flowers. It was named after Paneon, a physician to … Continue reading

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