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Fun Flower Facts: Acacia

Acacia (a-KAY-sha) is a genus of trees and shrubs belonging to the same family as the pea.  More than half of all the acacia species grow in Australia, but they can also be found in warm temperate climates like Africa, … Continue reading

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Cool Places to see Flowers: Floriade Flower Festival

While it is fall everywhere else, Australia is celebrating their spring. Floriade, which means “to design with flowers” in Latin,  is a month long flower festival dedicated to showcasing one million flowers in bloom. Floriade is usually held from mid-September … Continue reading

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Wildflowers stop Mad Max dead in his tracks!

The 4th sequel of the infamous Mad Max movies was to return to it’s original filming location in New South Wales, Australia, which is normally a desert wasteland. Perfect for the Mad Max series wouldn’t you say? Nature however had … Continue reading

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Plant Hardiness Zones Explained

When purchasing plants for your garden you have probably noticed a little thing called plant hardiness zones or climate zones printed on the tag. This is a quick and handy way to know if the plant you are considering will  … Continue reading

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