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Tips on Drying Flowers

Can’t bear to see fresh flowers from your garden fade and die? Dry them! Drying flowers is an easy way to preserve their beauty. They can then be used for dried flower arrangements, wreaths, potpourri, and other decorating projects. Drying … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Reuse Your Valentine’s Flowers

Stop! Don’t throw out your Valentine’s Day flowers! Yes, we know it’s been a week since you’ve received them and that the flowers are dying, but they still have life in them. They can be preserved and then can be … Continue reading

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How to Preserve Flowers

Fresh flowers are so beautiful, so fragrant and so vibrant. If only there was a way to preserve their beauty and elegance, so that the flowers can be enjoyed year round. But wait a minute! You can do this! Preserving … Continue reading

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Chinese Lantern, the Winter Cherry

Scientific Name: Physalis alkekengi ( FY-sa-lis al-ke-KEN-jee). Common Names: Chinese Lantern, Japanese Lantern, Winter Cherry, Bladder Cherry, Physalis is a member of the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, with relatives that include petunia; tomato and tomatillo, bell pepper, chili pepper and cayenne … Continue reading

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