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A Romantic Proposal with A Dress Made with 9 999 Red Roses!

As cliche as it is, nothing says “I love you” quite like the red rose. If one single red rose can get our hearts aflutter, imagine what 9 999 roses can do! On February 2012, Xiao Fan, a man from … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Blooms – Alternatives to Red Roses

When most people think of Flowers & Valentine’s day it’s Red Roses that immediately come to mind. Probably because everyone knows that a Red Rose means love (it’s true meaning is “Passionate Love”). Red Roses are also a very popular … Continue reading

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Soon it will be raining roses over Michael Jacksons Neverland

The two-year anniversary of the death of infamous pop star Michael Jackson is fast approaching. This year you have the opportunity to join in on a helicopter flight over Neverland and participate in a flower drop. A Micheal Jackson fan … Continue reading

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