Potted Chrysanthemum: 5 Care Tips To Keep Your Happy And Healthy

chrysanthemum, pompom

With fall just around the corner, the season of the mum is here! This beautiful and popular fall flower is making its return to living rooms and front porches all across the country. Here are some great tips to help you get the most out of your favorite fall plant!


“A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.”

-Beth Ditto


1. Timing is everything!

When selecting Mums in the early fall season, make sure to pick out the plants that are beginning to break their bud. This way, you will maximize bloom time! You can estimate when this is by using the dates on the plant tags and cross referencing with already blooming plants.

2. Looks are NOT deceivingchrysanthemums01

While virtually all plants will provide flowers, you will get the most flowers out of the biggest plants. In the case of Mums, bigger really does mean better!

3. Bright is Best!

Chrysanthemums are a bright, vibrant plant, and as such they thrive best in bright, vibrant locations. Keep them in as much sun as possible to maximize the number of buds that open.

4. Water early and often

Mums are thirsty little buggers! Watering the soil to the point of almost constant dampness will encourage more blooms to open and provide you with a more beautiful plant! Be careful not to flood the pot though, mums are a plant, not a fish!

Chrysanthemum Flower Head Isolated5. Rescue from the underworld

If you slip up and your plant dries out, you can bring the flower back to life by submerging it into a bucket of water and leaving it there for a short time. Afterward, make sure to aerate your soil before returning the plant to its roots.

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