About Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers

Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers
Grower Direct is a Canadian fresh flower retailer with over 40 franchised locations. Started by Skip Kerr of Edmonton nearly a quarter century ago, the company has continued to grow and blossom. Although Skip is now retired his original concept of providing quality flowers at affordable prices to Edmontonians has spread across Western Canada and continues to flourish. Today Grower Direct is overseen by Doug Munro, CEO who has over three decades of experience in the flower industry.

Grower Direct has developed strategic alliances with some of the best flower farms in the world to ensure a consistent supply of quality flowers for it’s franchisee’s and their customers. These alliances, combined with the latest in post harvest flower care procedures, means that Grower Direct customers have the opportunity to enjoy their flowers for the longest time possible in their homes and workplaces.

Grower Direct provides flower delivery worldwide through its website and call centre which is staffed by trained floral consultants. As well an iPhone app was recently launched that allows customers to order flowers and access a wealth of flower information right from the palm of their hand.

Every Grower Direct franchise location is locally owned and operated by knowledgeable individuals that work hard to be their communities local flower shop.

4 Responses to About Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers

  1. margaret says:

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  2. tamara says:

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  3. gok-kasten says:

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  4. Betty says:

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