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7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Happy Halloween! This spooky holiday, which is celebrated on October 31st, isn’t just for kids that want to dress up and go trick or treating! Adults can have fun, too! Here are some ways you can celebrate Halloween (all of … Continue reading

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Learn to Make a Halloween Flower Arrangement

We can’t contain our excitement! Halloween is just a day away! Have you carved your pumpkin yet? Have you decorated your home yet? Don’t worry, there’s still time! Decorating your home will get you in the Halloween spirit. And all … Continue reading

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Flower Costumes Ideas for Halloween

It’s that time of the year again:  Halloween is just around the corner and you’re looking for costume ideas! Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! But of course, as a flower blog, we only have flowers on our … Continue reading

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Amazing Pumpkin Carvings Featuring Flowers!

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the occasion, here are some of the most amazing pumpkin carvings featuring flowers! Related articles Magnificent Madame Leota Pumpkin Carvings (betweenthepagesblog.typepad.com) 3d sculptures carved from pumpkins (thesun.co.uk) Pumpkin Carving Ideas! (rockbottomt-shirts.com) No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating (makesomethingmondays.wordpress.com)

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Glow in the Dark Flowers!

Believe it or not, it’s not a Halloween trick! Flowers that glow in the dark do exist! In fact, they are even available for purchase. Let’s have a look at the glow-in-the-dark flowers that some mad-scientists have created: Glow in … Continue reading

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Must See! Creepy Flower Skeleton Sculptures!

It’s the middle of the month and Halloween is quickly creeping up on us! If you aren’t quite in the mood to celebrate all things creepy and dark, maybe these creepy (yet mesmerizing!) flower-skeleton sculptures will get you in the … Continue reading

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Home Decor Ideas: Halloween Flowers!

Flowers are the perfect addition to any home or office, anytime of the year, including Halloween! Here are some Halloween floral decor ideas to get you inspired! Many of these are simple to recreate at home. Fill a vase with … Continue reading

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Some of the World’s Scariest/Spookiest Plants!

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner.  The best time of the year to celebrate all things creepy, scary and spooky! To celebrate the upcoming holiday, here are some of the world’s scariest/spookiest plants that remind me of Halloween: The … Continue reading

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Trend Alert: Flower Petal Eyes!

Flowers are fashionable! They are on shoes, bags, and clothes! And now they are on faces! Literally! Attaching flower petals to your eyes is a fashion trend. I haven’t decided if this look is fashionable or just plain weird. But … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Tree

Scientific Name: Solanum Integrifolium Other Common Names: Chinese Scarlet Eggplant, Japanese Golden Eggs, Ruffled Tomato and Tomato Eggplant. The Pumpkin Tree is a member of the Solanum family, which includes potatoes and eggplants. Despite its common name, the bright orange … Continue reading

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