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Some Tips on Photographing Flowers

Now that summer is here, there are many beautiful flowers in full bloom just waiting for you to take their portrait! With the popularity and ease of today’s digital cameras, it is no surprise that many gardeners have taken an … Continue reading

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Cute Flower Art! Blossom Buddies by Elsa Mora

This is an oldie, but a goodie. In 2009, inspired by her autistic son who loves plants, Cuban artist, Elsa Mora created a series of quirky, whimsical characters using flower petals, leaves and branches from her garden.  Each of the … Continue reading

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Must See! Beautiful Flower Photography by Paul Lange

Big is beautiful. Just take at took at these beautiful images by photographer Paul Lange! In his series “Big Blooms,” he is able to transform familiar flowers into something larger than life! Working with concepts of size, scale and gestures, … Continue reading

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The Beauty of “Broken Flowers,” Photography by Jon Shireman

When it comes to flowers and art, there are no limits! Flowers are a source of a constant source of inspiration. Artists are so imaginative and creative! Flowers have been xrayed, deconstructed, electrocuted, and now smashed! Is the sum greater … Continue reading

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Beautiful Photographs of Decaying Flowers by Billy Kidd

There’s no doubt about it. Roses are breathtakingly beautiful and have inspired amazing works of art from playwrights, poets, painters and photographers for centuries. But once they start to wilt and brown, they are thrown away without a second thought. … Continue reading

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Flowers in Art: Kari Herer’s Mixed Media Prints

Kari Herer is an American photographer with a background in fine arts and graphic design. Her love of nature is beautifully expressed through these mixed media images, in which she artfully combines flowers with line drawings. These quirky, yet sophisticated … Continue reading

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X-Ray Flowers

British photographer and artist Hugh Turvey created these strikingly beautiful x-ray images of flowers. Through these amazingly detailed images, views are given the opportunity to see flowers in a different light. He is inspired by all that is around him … Continue reading

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Dandelion Time Lapse Video!

There is beauty in those bright yellow flowers we call dandelions. They aren’t just weeds! If you don’t believe me, take a look at this video. It is a short 1 minute time lapse video by Neil Bromhall showing how … Continue reading

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Flowers, deconstructed

Singaporean artist and photographer Fong Qi Wei shows us that the sum of its parts is greater than the whole though a series of photographs, entitled “Exploded Flowers.” These striking images illustrate the beauty and complexity of one of nature’s … Continue reading

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Surreal Liquid Flowers

At first glance, those photos look like a computer manipulation, some kind of 3D modeling. Or maybe blown glass pieces. So it may surprise you to find out these surreal 3D images were created by the talented photographer, Jack Long. … Continue reading

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