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Plant Profile: The Calla Lily

CALLA LILIES: A thick, waxy, funnel-shaped spathe (the petal) wraps around a shorter fleshy spike (spadix) in this elegant “less is more” flower. The actual “flowers” are the “bumps” on the spadix. The stems are smooth and leafless. Interesting Facts … Continue reading

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Plant Profile: Aranthera Anne Black Orchid

The Aranthera Anne Black Orchid, more commonly known as Anne Black Orchid, was created for and named after the wife of the British governor of Singapore. The orchid was registered by the Singapore Botanical Gardens in 1957, and was produced by combining … Continue reading

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Whats The Obsession with Pansy’s?

Though they are called pansy’sthese hearty little flowers are anything but wimpy. They are one of the toughest flowers, they are perfect for our climate, and thrive here in Canada. This little flower has inspired many a poem, picture and … Continue reading

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A WW1 Soldiers Pressed Flowers

This beautiful album full of pressed flowers documents one soldiers travels on the front lines of Europe during World War One.  As this is the centenary year for WW1, items from the time period are becoming quite popular with collectors. … Continue reading

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The History of the Corsage

It’s prom season! This, of course, means that florists will be busy making corsages and boutonnieres for high school students. Along with the shoes, the bag, hairstyle and makeup, corsages are a must-have fashion accessory for prom. Corsages can be … Continue reading

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Columbia – Land of Flowers

At Grower Direct we search the world in our efforts to bring our customers the finest flowers available. During the two decades Grower Direct has been retailing flowers we have developed a distinct fondness for flowers grown in Colombia, as … Continue reading

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How the Poppy came to be the Remembrance Day Flower

Everyone knows that the poppy is worn on Remembrance Day to commemorate those who have died while fighting for our freedom, but why the Poppy? And what is it’s significance to Remembrance Day? In 1915 Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote … Continue reading

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Flower Arranging is not a new art form

Horizontal, Vertical, Natural, Crescent, or my personal favorite “Formal Linear”…… just a few of the many styles of floral arranging. Like everything else in today’s modern world the “art” of flower arranging has been broken into categories with technical sounding … Continue reading

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Canada’s splashing about at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

Every year the Royal Horticultural Society puts on one of Britain’s biggest flower shows; The RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  This year the show runs from May 24th – 28th & is already sold out! The RHS was founded in 1804 … Continue reading

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Drink Chrysanthemum Tea!

History: Chrysanthemums have been cultivated for 2,000 years in China, where infusions of the leaves and flowers were used as medicine and fermented into wine. Chrysanthemums are used to make tea, rather than in wine infusion. Chrysanthemum tea has many … Continue reading

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