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Gardening Inspirational Quotes

  “If you have a Plant and a Garden, you have everything you need.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero “Gardening is not a rational act.” –Margaret Atwood “The Love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” –Gertrude Jekyll “Everything … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Storing your Plants for Cold Weather Planting

Late autumn and early winter is an excellent time to plant, but that doesn’t mean conditions will always be perfect. If you find yourself geared up to plant and stuck in a freeze you’ll have no choice but to wait … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Protect Plants from Frost

Introducing Fiona Kirkcaldy who kindly took some time out of her day to write this guest post for us! We are extremely excited to open up this blog and invite others to write a guest post!  We hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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Cool Places to See Flowers: Keukenhof Gardens in Holland

If you LOVE flowers, especially tulips,  you must visit the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland in the springtime! Keukenhof, which means “Kitchen Garden” in Dutch, is the largest flower garden in the world. Keukenhof is located in South Holland, near Lisse, … Continue reading

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How to Plant Bare Root Roses

Early spring is the ideal time to plant perennials, like roses. Bare root roses are a popular choice for gardeners. Bare root roses are dormant roses that sold without soil or any foliage and are typically available from November to … Continue reading

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Cool Places to See Flowers: Dubai Miracle Garden

Growing flowers in the desert is no easy feat, especially in the scorching heat and dry conditions. It must have took a miracle to created the Dubai Miracle Park, where 45 million flowers were planted! If you visit the park … Continue reading

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