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Plant Profile: Saucer Plant (Aeonium tabuliforme)

Here at funflowerfacts.com we love unusual plants, the weirder the better! This pretty little succulent fits the bill. Aeonium tabuliforme, otherwise known as Saucer Plant or Dinner Plate Plant is the flattest plant we know of. Found in Tenerife, they … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Protect Plants from Frost

Introducing Fiona Kirkcaldy who kindly took some time out of her day to write this guest post for us! We are extremely excited to open up this blog and invite others to write a guest post!  We hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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What is Bonsai?

Are you a plant lover looking for a new hobby? Try bonsai! Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) is a Japanese horticultural art form of training full size woody plants in containers to look miniature. The name bonsai comes from two Japanese words, … Continue reading

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Tips to Save Water in Your Garden

Water is a precious, non-renewable resource. It gives life to all the fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers  in our gardens. To keep our gardens lush and vibrant, water is essential. That being said, many people take water for granted. North … Continue reading

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Go Green with your bath mat?

An innovative idea by designer Nguyen La Chanh is good for the environment, good for the bathroom and good for you too! This Eco-friendly bath mat is made from moss, yes that’s right, real live, living moss! Introducing the “Larosée”. … Continue reading

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Worlds Largest Hanging Planter

I haven’t posted anything in a while and lo and behold I spotted this, if this doesn’t qualify as a “Fun Flower Fact” I don’t know what does . Towering 25 ft above the ground, a 20 x 10 ft … Continue reading

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