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Guest Post: Top UK Autumn and Winter Flowering Plants

Today, you are in for a treat! It is the first time we have featured a guest blog post on FunFlowerFacts.com! As some of you know, we have been writing our own blog posts about flowers and plants for the … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Facts: Begonia

Begonia is a genus of flowering plants with 1500 species native to South and Central America, Africa and southern Asia. Plants are usually compact with dense foliage. With so many varieties available, needless to say, the appearance of these flowers … Continue reading

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Flowers You Can Eat!

Flowers aren’t just pretty to look at; some of them are edible! There are so many varieties to choose from. Here are a few flowers that to get your taste buds started: Begonia The whole plant is edible, including the … Continue reading

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Wacky Floral Facts

Sunflowers: Life-jackets were once stuffed with dried Sunflower stems to make them buoyant. Sunflowers were used to clean up radiation from the Chernobyl disaster. The roots absorbed caesium and strontium which removed 95% of radioactivity from irradiated water sources.   … Continue reading

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The Victorian Language of Flowers (the Meaning of Flowers)

In Victorian times, certain flowers had specific meanings because the flower selection was limited and people used more symbols and gestures to communicate than words. But today, with so many flower choices, there are no rules – it’s the sentiment … Continue reading

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Talk about decorating with flowers!

These folks really know how to beautify with flowers….. Every two years Brussels’ Grand Place trades its cobble stone square for a lush carpet. This isn’t just any carpet though, it’s hand-laid with flowers. Colourful begonia blossoms create an intricate … Continue reading

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