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10 Spring Flower Tips

Spring is almost here! The sun is shining and the snow is melting! Fresh cut spring flowers in your home will help usher in the new season and tide you over until the grass is green. “Spring is natures way … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Bulb Flower Gardens

It is a fact that bulbs are the most attractive as well as the easiest way to plant flowers in a garden and take care of it. When in full bloom, any bulb garden will result in the most wonderful, … Continue reading

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Black Flowers for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! In a matter of days, we will celebrate all things dark and creepy. So, in the spirit of Halloween, today’s blog post is dedicated to black flowers.Or more accurately, this post is about flowers … Continue reading

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My Favourite Spring Flower Arrangements

I’m so happy and excited that spring is finally here! I just can’t wait for all the flowers to start blooming.  But since it’s still early in the spring here in Canada, gardens aren’t in full bloom. Lucky for me, … Continue reading

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Early Spring Blooming Flowers to Plant Now

We are so excited! Today is the first day of spring! After months of cold and snow, we are definitely looking forward to the warm, sunny days and spending time in the garden! Around this time of the year, flower … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday! Pretty Flower Desktop Wallpapers!

Happy Friday! Here are some free flower desktop wallpapers for you to enjoy! And as always, click on the image to download.

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Fun Flower Facts: The Elegant Iris

The Iris symbolizes eloquence. Purple irises =  wisdom and compliments; Blue =  faith and hope. Yellow = passion;   white =  purity. Birth Month: February From ancient times, the stately Iris stood as a symbol of power and majesty. This … Continue reading

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