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How to Extend the Vase Life of Your Valentine’s Roses

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day. Many of you probably received a beautiful, bouquet of red roses yesterday. After all, the red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and romance. As captivating as these flowers are, they don’t last … Continue reading

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Common Problems in Cut Roses & Solutions

Here are some common problems in Cut Roses that can drastically reduce vase life. Included are some things you can try to ward off the issue. BENT NECK: Causes: The most common cause is a lack of water and flower-food … Continue reading

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Cut Flower Care – Dispelling the Myths!

There is a whole lot of misleading information out there regarding cut flower care. Doing a quick online search on “ways to keep flowers fresher longer,” results in countless old wives tales or “homemade solutions.”As tempting as it is to … Continue reading

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If a bunny can “deliver” chocolate eggs, who “delivers” Easter Flowers?

This Easter Bunny is doing double duty this Easter. He has to deliver all the chocolate bunnies and Easter Eggs, and to top that off he has been assigned to deliver flowers. Being the smart bunny – he delegated your … Continue reading

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A rose is a rose…or is it celery?

Roses live longer with the help of celery! Yes, it’s true! Researchers at North Carolina State University have found a way to increase the life of a rose after it’s been cut. They do this by inserting a gene from … Continue reading

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Daffy for Daffodils

Spring is here and soon the Daffodils will be peaking up out of the dirt. The birds are returning from their winter vacation to summer in Canada and other signs are that Daffy Duck (and the Road Runner) on T.V. … Continue reading

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Flowers like cooler temperatures, we do not.

Have you ever wondered what happens next to a flower that is basking in the sun and getting a little R & R and then…  At harvest time the stems are cut and then quick chilled, ( sort of like … Continue reading

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Looking for practical information about cut flower care?

Although many websites claim to know how to look after fresh cut flowers in your home, it has been my experience over the years that few understand the process. In fact, in many cases they are simply posting information they … Continue reading

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