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Floral Crimes

What? Floral Crimes? Is there really such a thing? You bet there is! I’ve found stories from around the world that involve theft, vandalism, police and even the mafia, yes the MAFIA! So sit back, relax & read all about … Continue reading

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Top 5 Plants for Christmas

Adding plants to your home is a simple and cost effective way to add to your decor and to change it up for the various holidays and celebrations throughout the year. Below is my pick of the top 5 houseplants … Continue reading

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Flower Care Reminder: Poinsettias at Christmas!

As we enter the mid November weeks, magic is in the air as Christmas begins to wind its way back into the air and the holidays begin to approach rapidly! With Christmas of course comes the wonderful potted Poinsettia, a … Continue reading

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Tips to Keep Poinsettias Blooming Long After Christmas

Poinsettias are known as “Christmas Flowers,” but you don’t need to discard them after the big holiday. In fact, poinsettias can last all year round! With the proper care and conditions, the plant will continue to dazzle you with its … Continue reading

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Easy Poinsettia Crafts!

The festive poinsettia is the flower of the season! There is no better way to celebrate the holidays and to pass the time during those cold, wintery days than to make some poinsettia crafts! Not only will these crafts keep … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Facts: Poinsettias

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is coming! You know how I know? Poinsettias are everywhere! These colourful plants are in homes and businesses, adding colour and holiday cheer everywhere! Poinsettias come in a variety of colours, including … Continue reading

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Christmas and Poinsettias: History, Trivia, Care and Handling

Just last week I looked at the calendar and surprised at just how quickly Christmas was approaching, so I took a bit of time and reviewed the information on our own website regarding Poinsettias. In doing so I thought that … Continue reading

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