Fun Flower Facts: Plumeria

plumeria, frangipani

Plumeria are tropical flowering plants with over 300 species native to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.  They are popular ornamental plants that can be grown as shrubs or small trees. Sizes vary depending on the variety, but some can grow up to 30 feet tall!

Plumeria are cultivated for their showy, fragrant flowers that bloom from spring until early fall.  Flowers come in shades of yellow, white, pink and red. These deciduous plants are also characterized by their thick, fleshy leaves that fall off in early winter.

The plants can be grown as garden plants or as an indoor houseplant. When the weather gets cold, bring the plumeria inside and grow in a container. Plumeria plants do well in full sunlight and moist soil conditions.

Climate zones: 9-11

Fun Flower Facts about the Plumeria

  • in Australia, this flower is known as frangipani
  • the plumeria is related to the oleander; the milky sap of the plumeria is poisonous and may irritate the eyes and skin
  • the flowers are most fragrant at night; they use their scent to attract moths for pollination
  • the flowers don’t have nectar
  • the Plumeria was named in hounour of Charles Plumier, a French botanist
  • in folk literature, plumeria is thought to believe to provide shelter for ghosts and demons
  • In the Philippines and Indonesia, plumeria is often planted in cemeteries
  • plumerias are commonly used in Hawaiian leis
  • in Hawaii, when a plumeria flower is worn in the hair over the right ear, it means that she is single and looking; worn on the left side, she is taken
  • the plumeria tree is also be known as the Temple Tree because they are often planted in temples all over Asia for their fragrant flowers
  • Plumeria is the national flower of Nicaragua and Laos

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