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Plant Profile: Tuberose

Tuberose (Polianthes) is one of the most pleasing, fragrant plants you can have in your garden. Because of the enticing aroma this plant is perfect for planting near your door, patio area or anywhere where people congregate in your garden. … Continue reading

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How to Create Alcoholic Beverages from Roses

Commercial floral alcoholic drinks are pretty much obsolete now days but if you can get your hands on a cookbook or two that are really old, you’ll find some great recipes for making rose wine, rose liqueur, rose syrup and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: An Artfully Designed Flower Garden

An Artfully Designed Flower Garden with Colours, Textures and Decor It may still be the dead of winter, but I’m already daydreaming about spring gardening. Everybody has their own sense of style when it comes to their garden, but there … Continue reading

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New Flower Varieties for 2014

It’s a new year & that means new flower varieties! Here are my top picks for this year… These are my personal favourites, what are yours? Let me know in the comments!  

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Can Plants Think?

Can plants think? Smell or give off scent? Do they know if they are being attacked? Can they hear? Do they work together? Show empathy? Do they have memory? Check out this video…

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Plant Profile: Lavatera

Commonly called Mallow or Tree Mallow, Lavatera is a popular garden perennial. It grows quickly and flowers abundantly, it is also a great cut flower as it’s long lasting (6-8 days vase life) and the buds continue to develop even … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Utilizing the Color Spectrum in Your Garden

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always grown flowers. From having individual potted blooms around my apartment, to window boxes, to flower beds, and finally, full-fledged flower gardens, I’ve had flowers in basically all styles. I definitely go … Continue reading

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How to make Old Fashioned Rose Skin Cream

Want to make your own lotion? It’s inexpensive and easy to do! Ingredients: 2 tbsp aloe vera gel 3 oz almond oil 1 oz lanolin 2 oz warmed rose water (Learn how to make your own rose water) 1/8 tsp … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Innovative Birthday Floral Arrangements

Flowers are an excellent gift to make a certain someone feel special. Are you interested in offering your friends or folks flowers on their birthday? The type of flower or arrangement you should choose can be based on various criteria … Continue reading

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Free Wallpaper

Better late than never! Here is a collection of FREE January 2014 desktop calendar wallpapers for you. Resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is perfect for widescreen monitors. To download, click on your favourite image. It will open up in … Continue reading

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